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Our Priorities and Objectives are re-evaluated annually and revised based on the needs of the people that we serve.

DRSD FY 2022 Priorities

The Goals/Priorities/Objectives for FY 2022 were developed after receiving public input and input from DRSD staff based on calls/cases over the past year and were approved by the DRSD Board of Directors at its annual meeting in September 2021.

 DRSD 2022 Priorities - PDF

 DRSD 2022 Priorities - DOC

PADD Goals & Priorities

Please find below Disability Rights South Dakota's (DRSD) Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (PADD) proposed Goals and Priorities for Fiscal Year 2022.  These Goals and Priorities were developed as a result of obtaining public input, from calls DRSD received during the current fiscal year, and from information obtained through monitoring activities or other sources.  These proposed Goals and Priorities are open for public comment through September 30, 2021.  The DRSD Board of Directors will then approve the final version and they will go into effect October 1, 2021.

 PDF - Proposed FY22 PADD Goals and Priorities

 Word Document - Proposed FY 2022 PADD Goals and Priorities