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Oct 14

DRSD Announces New Board Officers


October 14, 2021



PIERRE, SD—Disability Rights South Dakota (DRSD), the legal protection and advocacy system for individuals with disabilities in South Dakota, is excited to announce the election of four new officers to its Board of Directors for fiscal year 2022. The newly elected Board Officers include Travis Arneson, Chair; Sarah Carlson, Vice Chair; Darci Bible, Treasurer; and Cary Gronemeyer, Secretary.


Travis Arneson holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Processing/Computer Programming. He is a Year 8 Graduate of Partners and Policymaking and has previously served on the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (PADD) Advisory Board to South Dakota Advocacy Services (now DRSD). For his entire adult life, Travis has strived to empower and protect the rights of others. For example, his main business is helping people protect their legal rights and identity through a company called LegalShield. He says, “No matter what board I have served on, I want what is best for the individuals that it serves using the resources we have available to achieve the best possible outcome.”

Sarah Carlson holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies. She is a Year 27 Graduate of Partners in Policymaking and is Chair of the Family Support Council of South Dakota. Previously, she was the Buddy Walk Director for the New Directions Down Syndrome Association. Sarah joined DRSD as a Board Member in 2019 and previously served as the Board’s Secretary. She likes being a part of DRSD because it allows her to be on the front lines of advocacy. She says, “There are many programs and people willing to help babies and toddlers, but not the same for teens through adulthood. To be my son’s best ally and advocate, I need to be well-informed and on the front lines of advocacy.”

Darci Bible holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from NSU. Previously, she was a member of the Family Support Council. Darci joined DRSD as a board member in 2018 and previously served as the Board’s Treasurer. She decided to join the DRSD Board after dealing with the complicated road of having a child with a terminal disease, which caused developmental delays and behavior issues. She says, “I know how difficult life sometimes can be. When Hunter passed away, I made a promise to him and myself that I would continue to advocate for others and help them in their path of life. Things were not easy, and I want to help others know that there are things out there to help lighten the load.”


About Disability Rights South Dakota: Disability Rights South Dakota (DRSD) is the non-profit legal services agency dedicated to protecting and advocating for rights and inclusion of South Dakotans with disabilities. For more information, visit DRSD’s website at www.drsdlaw.org or call 1-800-658-4782.