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2021 SD Legislative Session

2021 Bills

The 2021 legislative session is currently taking place in South Dakota, and there are several pieces of legislation that have the potential to impact individuals with disabilities this year. Listed below are some of the bills that DRSD is keeping track of.

To see information about each bill, click on the title of the Senate or House Bill that you would like to learn more about. You can also visit the  LRC Website to see a full list of this year's bills.

Senate Bills

SB 5 - include a child's legal parents and custodians in the list of parties who may receive information related to reports of the child's abuse or neglect. UPDATE 2/26 - Signed by Governor

SB 24 - allow a change of address through an online system provided by the Office of the Secretary of State. UPDATE 2/26 - House State Affairs Hearing 3/1

SB 31 - provide for the release of adult abuse case information to certain parties to assist in the provision of adult protective services. UPDATE 2/26 - Do Pass Passed; Place on Consent Passed

SB 32 - revise certain provisions regarding access critical nursing facilities. UPDATE 2/26 - Signed by Governor

SB 34 - make an appropriation to expand rural access to broadband services and to declare an emergency. UPDATE 3/4 -  Do Pass Amended Passed

SB 55 - authorize certain innovative insurance products and services through insurance innovation waivers. UPDATE 2/26 - House Do Pass Passed

SB 56 - revise certain provisions regarding the abuse of health insurance. UPDATE 2/26 - Deferred to 41st Legislative Day Passed

SB 64 - revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2021. UPDATE 2/26 - Joint Appropriations Hearing 3/1

SB 68 - provide for the creation and funding of Oceti Sakowin community-based schools. UPDATE 2/26 - Do Pass Amended Failed

SB 91 - authorize ranked-choice voting for certain local elections. UPDATE 2/26 - Deferred to the 41st Legislative Day Passed

SB 95 - provide immunity for actions assisting an impaired lawyer or judge. UPDATE 3/4 - Do Pass Passed; Place on Consent Passed

SB 96 - revise certain provisions regarding the use of telehealth technologies. UPDATE 2/26 - House Deferred to Another Day Passed

SB 97 -  modify the composition of the State-Tribal Relations Committee and to declare an emergency. UPDATE 3/4 -  Do Pass Passed

SB 98 - limit the application of the death penalty. UPDATE 2/26 - Do Pass Failed

SB135 - Reform training requirements for law enforcement officers. UPDATE 2/26 - Judiciary Hearing 3/1

SB148 - Establish the crime of torture of a human trafficking victim and provide a penalty therefor. UPDATE 3/4 - Do Pass Passed; Place on Consent Passed

House Bills

HB 1013 -  make an appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly persons and persons with a disability and to declare an emergency. UPDATE 3/4 - Do Pass Passed

HB 1041 - establish the South Dakota Board of Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, and Hearing Aid Dispensing and to repeal the South Dakota Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers and Audiologists and the South Dakota Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology. UPDATE 2/26 - Tabled Passed

HB 1044 - transfer the Office of Indian Education to the Department of Education. UPDATE 2/26 - Deferred to the 41st Legislative Day Passed

HB 1046 - limit liability for certain exposures to COVID-19. UPDATE 2/26 - Signed by Governor

HB 1060 - direct certain persons to notify funeral directors of communicable diseases or conditions. UPDATE 2/26 -  Signed by Governor

HB 1063 - make an appropriation to contract for mental health insurance for certain first responder organizations and to declare an emergency. UPDATE 2/26 - House Tabled Passed

HB 1064 - make an appropriation for and the establishment of peer support and critical incident stress management training for first responder organizations. UPDATE 2/26 - House Do Pass Amended Passed

HB 1075 -  limit directives and incentives for extreme risk protection orders and to provide a penalty. UPDATE 3/4 - Deferred to the 41st Legislative Day Passed

HB 1076 - require that birth certificates reflect biological sex. UPDATE 2/26 - Deferred to the 41st Legislative Day Passed

HB 1080 - increase the enhanced penalty for the crime of simple assault. UPDATE 3/4 -  Hearing 3/ 4

HB 1081 - increase the penalty for protection order violations. UPDATE 3/4 - Hearing 3/ 4

HB1117 - Revise provisions for public meetings held by teleconference. UPDATE 2/26 - Do Pass Amended Failed

HB1124 - Modify certain requirements concerning the printing of ballots. UPDATE 3/4 - Do Pass Passed; Place on Consent Passed

HB1125 - Define adjournment for the counting of ballots. UPDATE 2/26 - Senate Do Pass Passed

HB1126 - Revise certain provisions regarding absentee ballots UPDATE 2/26 - Senate State Affairs Hearing 3/1

HB1127 - Revise certain provisions regarding official meetings conducted by teleconference. UPDATE 3/4 - Do Pass Passed

HB1128 - Establish requirements for public meeting notices and materials. UPDATE 2/26 - Deferred to the 41st Legislative Day Passed

HB1129 - Establish requirements for livestreamed public meetings. UPDATE 2/26 - Deferred to the 41st Legislative Day Passed

HB1150 - Provide definitions regarding the crime of rape. UPDATE 2/26 - Senate Judiciary Hearing 3/2

HB1151 - Create a peer support services program UPDATE 2/26 - Table Passed