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Mental Health Rights Info & Resources 

If you feel that any of your legal rights have been denied, or if you have questions about your rights, please contact DRSD at 1-800-658-4782.

DRSD - PAIMI Program

The PAIMI Program pursues a variety of rights protection and advocacy strategies to assist individuals with mental illness. Learn more about our services in the following brochure.

PAIMI Brochure

Mental Health Stigma


Mental Health Centers / Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

As a patient of a mental health center in South Dakota, you have several rights. See the information below for information on what your rights are, and how to best advocate for yourself. 

For Individuals 18 & Older

Your Rights as a Client of a Mental Health Center - Brochure

Due Process Procedure - Involuntary Commitment - Know Your Rights!

Voluntary Admission to Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities - Know Your Rights!

Rights Guide for Individuals in an Inpatient Mental Health Facility

Writ of Habeas Corpus - General Information Brochure

Rights Information for Individuals on a 24-Hour Hold

Individuals Under 18

Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Rights Guides for Individuals Under 18

 Involuntary Commitment - Rights Information for Individuals Under 18

 Voluntary Admission - Rights Information for Individuals Under 18

Back to School Mental Health Tool Kit (MHA)

Beginning a new school year usually comes with some anxiety, but this year students may need a lot more support, reassurance, and comfort before they’re ready to learn. Check out Mental Health America’s free  2021 Back To School Toolkit for tools to cope. Fact sheets and worksheets are also linked below.

Back to School Mental Health Resources