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24-Hour Hold


  1. The right to immediately contact someone of your choosing;

  2. The right to immediately contact and be represented by an attorney

  3. The right to be examined by a “qualified mental health professional” whom the Chair of the County Board of Mental Illness designates.  This examination must be completed within 24-hours after you are taken into custody and is to determine whether you are to remain in the custody of the facility or not

  4. The right, if custody should continue, to an independent examination and to a hearing within 5 days after being taken into custody, within 6 days if there is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday within the time period, or, within 7 days if there is a Saturday, Sunday, and holiday within the time period;

  5. The right to be notified that the following costs are your responsibility and a lien may be filed on your real/personal property to ensure payment:  costs of any post-commitment treatment, medication, compensation for the attorney appointed to represent you in any appeals proceedings, and additional examination requested by you (unless you are indigent), and a certified transcript or tape of a hearing or review hearing before the County Board of Mental Illness. 


 Rights Information for Individuals on a 24-Hour Hold