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Publications & Resources

If you have questions or concerns about an issue relating to disability, or if you are in need of assistance, give us a call at 1-800-658-4782, or fill out an online Intake Form.

Resources by Topic

Visit the pages linked below for subject-specific information and resources.

Mental Health

Resources on Mental Health Center & Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Rights, and more. 

Mental Health

Special Education

Find information about IEPs and Section 504, transition planning, toolkits, & more.  

Special Education

Assistive Technology

Find resources about obtaining and using Assistive Technology (AT) devices.

AT Resources

Traumatic Brain Injury

Find information and resources about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in South Dakota.

TBI Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Find COVID-19 Fact Sheets and other resources for individuals with disabilities.

COVID-19 Resources

Voting & Elections

Find resources and information about voting accessibility and elections in South Dakota.

Voting & Elections

Video Resources

Find explainer videos and other video series on a variety of disability rights issues.

Video Resources

Other Resources

Find other resources and publications related to disability rights.  

Other Resources


Find upcoming disability rights trainings, volunteer opportunities, and more.


 DRSD Programs

For more information about each of our programs, visit our 9 Federal Programs page.

9 Federal Programs

 Other Resources & Publications

Census 2020

Resources for People Impacted by Disasters


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SD Report


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Tips for being an effective self-advocate:

Keep copies of ALL of your records and reports.

Ask questions when you have them.

Be heard! Remember that YOUR goals and objectives should set your life course. 

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