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Special Education

Special Education Rights & Resources

For students with Disabilities in South Dakota

Special Education Guides

Students with disabilities have a right to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). These special education guides provide information on the IEP process/other important things to know about special education in South Dakota. Learn about how to best advocate for your student here. 

When Behavior is a Concern...A Guide for Parents of School Age Children

What Parents Should Know...About Special Education in South Dakota

Dare to Dialogue... Reach YES!

COVID-19 & Special Education

This information sheet answers questions about your child’s special education rights during the pandemic and how to best advocate for your child during this time.

COVID-19 & Educational Rights of Children with Disabilities

Transfer of Rights

Learn about the transfer rights of students with disabilities when they turn 18.

Guide for Students

Guide for Parents

Alternatives to Guardianship


iTransitionSD App

This app is for students with disabilities with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), ages 14 and older. The app produces a “Draft Transition Plan,” for you to use in your IEP. 

iTransition app

TSLP Catch the Wave Manual

This document is designed to help students, families and IEP team members to improve their knowledge of postsecondary disability issues, and ultimately, to improve the success rate of students with disabilities in those settings.

Catch the Wave Transition Manual

The Rights of Students Transitioning from High School

Special Education Programs

Staying Up to Date with Special Education Programs

Special Education Programs maintains several listservs.  The main Special Education listserv can be subscribed to at:

Main Special Education Listserv

Messages sent on the listserv will include program information and upcoming trainings. Special Education maintains these additional topical listservs as well:

Special Ed Transition

Alternate Assessment


Birth to Three

Other Resources

Restraint and Seclusion - Explainer Video