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About PAAT

Protection & Advocacy Assistive Technology (PAAT)

Assistive technology can provide enormous opportunity for persons with disabilities to achieve their potential. 

The Protection and Advocacy Assistive Technology Program provides services to individuals who have assistive technology needs. This is done through a variety of strategies focusing on the individual and delivery systems. Activities are coordinated with the DakotaLink Project and the state Division of Rehabilitation Services. 

PAAT provides information, including referral, research, and analysis to overcome legal, administrative and other barriers to obtaining assistive technology. PAAT also provides legal representation to pursue issues that are unique to assistive technology as well as education and training to empower individuals with the skills to address and overcome barriers in obtaining assistive technology. Other PAAT efforts include outreach to traditionally underrepresented and rural populations of all ages in South Dakota, including the Native American Tribal Reservations.  

Who is eligible for PAAT Services?

  • Persons with a disability, including persons residing in facilities who have assistive technology needs.
  • Persons and entities who have questions regarding assistive technology or who would like training in issues relating to assistive technology