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About PAIR

Protection & Advocacy of Individual Rights (PAIR) Program

Each fiscal year, Disability Rights South Dakota sponsors Public Listening Sessions throughout South Dakota. These Public Listening Sessions are advertised in a variety of ways: social media, local newspapers, radio & television stations, DRSD agency website, and through other disability-related agencies. All are welcome to come and share with DRSD what services are beneficial and what areas in South Dakota are in need of improvement. The PAIR Program provides assistance in areas that may include, but are not limited to:

  • transportation,
  • housing,
  • education,
  • entitlement programs,
  • abuse and neglect, and
  • public accommodations.

The PAIR Program collaborates with other DRSD Programs and disability-related agencies throughout South Dakota to provide training and outreach opportunities to the public to assist persons with disabilities. If you are aware of any concerns that you believe require further attention and are willing to assist in scheduling a training event in your community, please contact DRSD.