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Protection & Advocacy Voting Access (PAVA) Program

Exercise your right to vote!

Any person in South Dakota may contact the PAVA Program regarding a voting question or issue that specifically relates to or arises because of a disability. Services provided by the Protection and Advocacy Vote Act Program are free.

The PAVA Program is designed to provide services to assist in the effort to ensure full participation by South Dakotans with disabilities in the electoral process, including providing information on voting eligibility, registering to vote, and accessing polling places.   

PAVA participates in the state planning committee, assists in the development of training materials and training of election officials, poll workers and volunteers. PAVA also provides assistance to entities regarding physical accessibility of polling places, provides education and training regarding the voting process including eligibility, registering to vote, and accessing polling places and assistance including representation to individuals with disabilities that will promote their participation in the electoral process.